Do number of installs spike when you publish a new version to the Android Market?

I just published a new release (the first update) of Cow Tipping (  Just in the time since the update 36 hours ago the stats are saying that the number of installs has increased about 50 times it's normal rate.  Seriously... it's averaged like 10 or 20 a day and yesterday there were about 500.  WHY?!?  Are these (a) new downloads or (b) a combination of new downloads and reinstallations of the latest version by existing users?  Seems like an enormous spike. Is there anything that would affect the number of installs around the time you publish a new version?

Don't know the answers to these questions.  Someone out there might.

Cow Tipping on the Steady Rise

Cow Tipping has been live on the Android Market for a month and a half now!  It's been pretty exciting to see it happen.  Granted, it's my first app and it's extremely simple, but I'm happy with it.  The app's making about a quarter a day now in admob ads and has almost 2500 downloads, 36% retention.  Trying to push out an update - possibly tonight - when I get to it.

Notes on some features to add:

  • Back button - from finished gameplay
  • Hint - for new users
  • Size Optimization - drop from 3.6 MB to under 2.0 MB
  • New finishing messages
  • Sheep - to distract from tipping the cows
  • Levels with different objectives, background, etc.

Any suggestions?  How can I make it something worth using?