First Opinion

First Opinion helps patients eliminate unnecessary doctors visits by providing a 24/7 doctor (and staff) to turn to for a First Opinion. First Opinion provides relationship-based healthcare in an easy-to-access format that has helped thousands gain easier access to a doctor.

I worked at First Opinion from February to August, 2015, transforming a buggy app and immature codebase into a more uniform iOS experience and stable foundation for future growth. I completed a major user-interaction update, replaced pixel-based layouts with constraint-based layouts, future-proofed for potential screen size and device changes from Apple, simplified code stucture, and eliminated dozens of bugs. I added a summaries feature where patients can access detailed outcomes, rebuilt the in-app subscription workflow, and completed the first phase of providing in-app telemedicine services. 

First Opinion on the App Store


Jott is a messaging app that lets you chat offline using a local network created with BTLE and mesh networking. I worked with the team at Juxta Labs in late 2014, adding the stickers feature to the iOS app.

Jott on the App Store


Spit is a predictive sports game that allows you to compete your friends as you watch live sporting events. Prove your sports IQ by predicting upcoming home-runs, touchdowns, and dunks. Spit was developed in two months on a team of two engineers and one designer.

Spit on the App Store

My Dietitian

My Dietitian helps improve Corporate Wellness by giving users direct access to a personal Registered Dietitian. Premium users have a dedicated RD assigned to their personal, private account for daily tracking, feedback, and recommendations on diet habits.

Users record their diet with the My Dietitian mobile app throughout the day and automatically build a daily profile of their diet. At midnight, the profile is passed to the assigned Registered Dietitian for evaluation and feedback on that specific 24 hour timeline. The relationship is private, secure and convenient for users.

As the owner of the iOS project, I was tasked with development of version 2.0 of the mobile app, which included a complete re-write of the original app, as well as ushering in a wave of iOS 7-related design changes. The app was created as a white-label product, easily extensible and re-themeable for partnership deals.

My Dietitian on the App Store