Cow Tipping on the Steady Rise

Cow Tipping has been live on the Android Market for a month and a half now!  It's been pretty exciting to see it happen.  Granted, it's my first app and it's extremely simple, but I'm happy with it.  The app's making about a quarter a day now in admob ads and has almost 2500 downloads, 36% retention.  Trying to push out an update - possibly tonight - when I get to it.

Notes on some features to add:

  • Back button - from finished gameplay
  • Hint - for new users
  • Size Optimization - drop from 3.6 MB to under 2.0 MB
  • New finishing messages
  • Sheep - to distract from tipping the cows
  • Levels with different objectives, background, etc.

Any suggestions?  How can I make it something worth using?