How to FTP with BrainHoney

I figured out how to FTP directly into a course's resources today using FileZilla. It only takes a couple relatively-simple steps. 1. After opening your course and navigating to the syllabus page the first thing you need to do is locate the FTP address. On the right side of the screen, under Resources you need to click +Add, then the Multiple Files tab and you'll see the FTP address and the user name to use.

2. Once you've got then, open up FileZilla and go to the Site Manager. Click new site and enter the following: (a) General tab:

    Server Type: FTP
    Logon Type: Normal
    User: kc/admin (enter yours here)
    Password: XXXXX

(b) Advanced Tab:

    Default remote directory: Here you enter the course id. Make sure you begin with a forward slash. If not it won't be able to parse the directory path.

3. Everything else can be left as is. Now just click connect and you're in!  Drag and drop folders and files, then view the files in the UI to verify they've uploaded successfully.