AnyDVD Not Ripping DVDs to English

Working on a video editing project, I've started using AnyDVD to decode and rip DVDs to my machine.  It's been a great tool,  works efficiently and just as I would expect it to, however on a couple of the DVDs I've ripped it's, seemingly randomly, ripping one or two of the video files in French. The problem is that the language settings on AnyDVD have been set to "Automatic" by default.  To fix this, open AnyDVD and select "Language Selection" from the settings bar on the left, and change the language to English (or whichever language you want).

I'd also like to find a painless way to string the outputted VOB files back together, however for this project it's not critical, since I've only ripped these DVDs for the sake of taking two or three 30 second clips from each.  Once I do find an easy tool to string link the VOB files back up into a semi-production level looking file I'll post it here as a comment.