Changing the default page when you open a new tab in Firefox

I've been super frustrated with firefox lately because somehow my default page when you open a new tab got changed from blank to a bing search.  Can't tell you how annoying this is when I'm used to a quick ctrl+t, ctrl+v to get where I want to go.  And the worst part is there's nowhere to change it when you go to the firefox options! It turns out the perpetrator is Microsoft (of COURSE) and that I somehow installed an extension that was doing it.  I'm still mad at firefox.

To disable the madness you need to restart firefox in safe mode: Firefox -> Help -> Restart Firefox with Add-ons Disabled.  Wait for it to restart, then select Disable all add-ons and whatever else you want to select.

Hit Make Changes and Restart and you should be all set.  No more pesky bing search stealing the cursor location.