How do I tell if my iPhone is 3G or 3GS?

Here's a couple quick tricks that'll tell you if your old iPhone is 3G or 3GS.

  • "iPhone" - On the back of the phone, look for the word "iPhone".  If it's chrome like the Apple logo, the phone is 3GS.  If it's in gray letters it's a 3G (sucks for you).
  • Compass - Looking at the apps, if you see a "Compass", click and hold to see if it has the "Voice Control" feature.  If yes, you have a 3GS (yay for reselling value).
  • Camera - Open the "Camera" app.  If the the camera has a square box in the middle for auto-focus, and if you see a video mode switch in the bottom right, it's a 3GS.  Otherwise, it's a 3G (sucks for you).