Eclipse Shortcuts

The more you use Eclipse the more efficient you want to be.  I'm becoming a big fan on keyboard shortcuts and the time they save me.  They make life easier and remove some of the frustration from school projects.  Some.  Here's my favorites. Ctrl+L - List all shortcuts

Ctrl+space - Autocomplete This has increased my ability for program for android apps both in time and functionality.  Hit ctrl+space and it will give you suggestions of what methods you may wants, what parameters to use, and it will auto-import a needed import for the class.

Ctrl+F - Find The traditional find (and replace).

Ctrl+H - Opens search box More than just a find box, this does a ‘find in files’ within the File Search tab. Within here, you can specify what you are looking for in the files, what you file types you want to search in, etc.

Ctrl+Shift+C - Comments a block of code Self-explanatory. Great for debugging.  Huge time-saver for multi-line comments.

Ctrl+D - Delete a line Self-explanatory. I spent the last 2 years doing a Shift-End, Delete or Shift-Home, Delete. What a waste of time!

Ctrl+E - Menu for opened files Brings up a list of opened files.

Ctrl+Shift+F - Auto-format Make your code look super nice and formatted!

Ctrl+K - Scan to next occurrence of variable

Ctrl+Click - Takes you to the method that you're currently moused over

Alt+Shirt+R - Rename (Refactor)

F4 - Show class hierarchy Useful for large projects.

Debug mode shortcuts: F5 – Step into a function F6 – Step F7 – Step out of a function

Alt+leftarrow or Alt+rightarrow - Jump back to a line, Jump forward to a line

And the most used at all:

Ctrl+S – Save