BYU vs Utah State 2011

There's been a lot of talk lately about BYU football and Jake Heaps in particular.  The team is solid this year, but Heaps has yet to step up.  He had all of last season for his "transition year" to NCAA div 1 football and it's about time the guy starts producing. I was at the painful BYU - Utah State game in Logan last year.  Man, it was the worst.  Here's hoping Heapsy boy can step it up and play like a man.  Granted, you could argue that BYU's o-line isn't helping, but the guy still needs to hit his receivers and throw some decent passes across the middle.  It almost makes me miss Max Hall.  Did I just say that?

Recovering from Davies' Suspension

All I can say is I'm glad this happened now rather than later. Brandon Davies is an awesome kid.  I really hope he'll be back next year. As for the Cougars' loss to NM tonight. WOW. Clearly the team's head was elsewhere. Not only were the Cougars hurting from the loss of the big man, but no one played particularly well, not even The Jimmer, despite his 33 points.

So, while this is a major blow to the Cougars, I think the main task at hand is to regain composure and confidence. With a few days to let emotions settle and try to adjust, the team can do a lot for itself by scraping up a quality win over Wyoming. I can only hope we'll bounce back and regain some confidence in time for the NCAA tournament.