Objective-C has fallen

It's been quite a ride since the plethora of WWDC announcements yesterday. In addition to awesome new end user features in OS X and iOS, cool new frameworks like HealthKit and HomeKit, and some expected upgrades and enhancements to Xcode, Apple really threw everyone for a loop by announcing a new programming language, Swift. When Craig Federighi dropped the news it felt like getting hit by a brick wall. You could tell something big was happening when he started talking about how great Objective-C would be "without the baggage of C,"  but you had no idea what. Then it hit. Swift.

What's crazy to me is the fact that Objective-C developers were the hottest engineers on the market just 2 days ago, and now the technology has effectively had its fate sealed. Thought you were golden as an iOS dev, bought completely into Objective-C? Nope.

I'm not saying iOS developers are all of a sudden SOL and should start worrying for their jobs, but man it hits close to home that an industry I'm so entrenched in is completely upended in a day. Sean Hess put it well in our CocoaHeads google group that "framework and platform knowledge has always mattered more than language syntax. Syntax is really easy to pick up. So all the knowledge that matters you'll carry with you. It won't take much time to get up to speed for any good Obj-C dev." Indeed, there's much to look forward to as an iOS developer right now, not the least of which being the ability to build better apps in less time with Swift.